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About 5 days ago I was for vacation in slovakia.There I had sex with a girl once with,and once without a condom.

After coming back,I realised I had a spot on my penis,a small and white one.I used some dettol and it started burning me.I quickly washed it and went to the doctor.He said it's nothing serious.I also made a test for HIV,but I'm still waiting for the results.He also gave me a cream called Fusidic Acid and burned them with a aerial.The thing is that today my penis head started peeling off!!I can't go to the doctor yet!I would like to ask you If anybody knows about it!



Ouch, that sounds like some harsh treatment! Did your doctor say what it could be, besides “nothing  serious?” A few possibilities: it could be a pimple, an infected hair follicle, or a symptom of yeast infection. The peeling skin is more than  likely related to the treatment your  doctor gave you. Unless you have any open sores, you could try using a penis  health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to soothe the peeling skin while it heals.

Good luck!