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To give a brief background, a year ago I noticed this scar looking small patch on the head of my penis its a bit darker compared  to the skin around it and it looks a bit dry. I did not mind it then I just dismissed it as an old injury that dried off.

But about a 2 weeks ago I noticed peeling on the area, first I thought it was due to dried up semen, so I peeled it and cleaned it. The next day I noticed that the area still had a little peeling and there was a slight redness and it hurt a bit maybe due to the peeling of the skin. I applied miconazole nitrate for about 5 days, the dryness and scaling were reduced but I noticed a tiny blister on the area where there was peeling. the blister was a bit pinkish, did not hurt or itch it was hardly noticeable. I gave up on the miconazole and applied tea three oil instead after just a day the color has changed, the slight redness is gone but the skin is different its a bit darker and still looks dry.


Can someone tell if it is eczema or hpv. I have checked my genital area and it is only on the head that I have it?




Best guess, it is probably neither, although psoriasis is a possibility. It may also just be  irritated from rubbing, intercourse, or a sensitivity to your soap or laundry detergent. Your doctor can work with you to rule out the possibilities and come up with a treatment plan, if any is necessary. You may also improve the overall tone and texture of your penile skin by applying a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to  your daily penis care routine.