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I have recently had reoccuring spots around my mouth. i eat healthly and look after myself but cannot seem to get rid of them. My friend mentioned that i might be missing something in my diet that my body and skin needs but i just dont know. :-( help!!!


What kind of spots have you got? I also have spots but they are not around my mouth, they are on my lips. They look like tiny dots and look like some kind of discoloration. They are not visible until I lift my upper lip, they are on the inner mucosa (or whatever it is called).
I found what they are. They are called Fordyce spots. They are not caused by bad nutrition or by missing nutrients, they are sebaceous glands’ formation. They are usually left as they are because they cause no harm.

Doctors do perform laser treatments to remove them for those who are too esthetically conscious but in my point of view, the laser surgery is not worth the trouble for something that harmless.


Mes have the same problem. Big massive only today! And when I talk it hurts... -.-" >:(

It's because your bodys not getting enough stomach acid...

Ickky as it sounds, it's true.

I can't take alot of acid as it causes alot of mouth ulsers on me... =/

So try to keep acid in you =]

Like oranges. =D


it may well be perioral dermatitis.

stop using all creams and topical skin lotions and potions. if the spots are small, red and bumpy and some even have a bit of pus in them the doc can give you a course of antibiotics. it is quite long tho 6-12 weeks.

there is a lot of info on the internet about it.  i suddenly developed it out of nowhere after never having had a spot in my  life not even as a teen and was devastated to find these horrible things pop up overnight. they can be hormone related or if you have used steroid cream lately or just 'because'.

wash face with water only and be prepared for a bit of a wait before they go.

sorry for you but do go to the gp for antibiotics if you can, at least this will stop any itching or them spreading and they might go for good. :-)