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So I went out of town a few weeks ago, and the minute we started the vacation, I noticed average sized spots (dime sized) of skin missing from my thighs... It started with just two, and a few days later, I had over 50. A few days after that, I noticed that I pimple on my face I had popped had started to erode the skin around it. Since then (about two weeks ago) this particular spot has grown to over the size o a quarter, and even spread to skin coming off inside my nose. Now I have 5 spots of skin missing on my face, and every time I look at them, they grow... The skin around them is very soft and even just rubbing my finger next to the scab takes off more skin... There is also one on the back of my neck, and over 50 new ones all over my legs now. The do NOT itch at all, and I would know, as I do dyshidrotic eczema and seborrhea. But every single day since this started (over 3 weeks ago), I see new blisters (well, they don't even last as blisters, they are just missing skin) all over, and they all seem to grow. I know for a fact that it's not herpes, and I have gone to see the doctor, but I'm awaiting biopsy results and I'm frankly just terrified and disgusted... Please please please, does anyone have any idea?


I would say your best choice is to wait for the biopsy results. Skin conditions can be tricky and a self-diagnosis is a bad idea from exprerience. I have been diagnosed with Pemphigus Foliaceous after a biopsy. But before the results came in, I had had about ten false diagnosis. 3 of them were from doctors who said it was just a skin infection and kept me on antibiotics. The others were my own and my friend's bad diagnosis. I spent a lot of money on antifungal medecine, and antibiotics. I had all the symptoms of a fungal infection, but it just wasn't. So your best bet is on the Biopsy. I would wait if I was you.