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Is there anything out there to cover up these white spots on lips. idk Avon or something like that for men... I tried peeling twice didnt work then some laser electrosomethign that burn my lips and it came days after. I was gonna do co2 laser but still there is a chance it wont work and could change my pigment on my lips. Im not taking more chances because im starting college in 2 week... Thank you


As far as these other little white spots are concerned, you don't say it they come and go or appear to be permanent. If you are otherwise fit and healthy and have no symptoms from them, they are probably small mucous cysts, which can form when a mucous gland gets blocked and the secretions can't get out so they are retained and make a little swelling (a retention cyst). They are harmless and if they give you no problems you can just leave them alone.

If you have any doubts about this, however, just let your doctor have a quick look to confirm that they are of no consequence