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The redness and all other symptoms of Rosacea get flared up by sun's heat, stressful exercises, spicy food and extremely cold weather. Let us now take a look at the tips that can be followed to cure or at least alleviate the effect of Rosacea.
Rosacea is a skin disease condition that is characterized by the spread of redness and pimples all over the skin. It is a genetic disorder that gets passed on from generation to generation. It is basically the thick skin regions that get involved at first. The disease has a major impact on the eyes of the patient that gets exhibited in the form of the signs of dryness, burning, and the sensation of having sand in the eye. Rosacea bears a predilection for occurring in the women who belong to the European descent. According to the recent surveys, this disease has been found in predominant numbers in United States.  Women who blush a lot are the ones who were found carrying this diseased skin condition after their menopause.

1. Antibiotic creams

These can be one of the best tools that one can be used to alleviate the impact of Rosacea symptoms. More than the antibiotic's ability to terminate the bacteria it is the inflammation reducing attribute of the same that makes it important for use in the Rosacea patients. Antibiotics work at their best when they are applied in the form of creams topically in skin conditions. If it’s the oral variant of the antibiotics that you would like to go for then you must visit your physician and ask him/her to prescribe a higher dosage oral preparation for you. Once the symptoms have got alleviated, the dose and use of antibiotics can also be reduced to a moderate level.

2. Dietary restrictions

It is always advisable to refrain from the consumption of foods that are acidic in nature like alcoholic beverages, coffee, pastries, doughnuts, pizza etc. There is one internal organ of the body that gets majorly affected when a person suffers with rosacea - Pancreas. Pancreatic secretions contain a higher level of sodium bicarbonate which is highly alkaline. It is for this reason that spicy foods tend to flare up rosacea as the pancreas stops producing the alkaline secretions to neutralize the acid production initiated by the spicy foods in stomach. The best way to neutralize the acidic environment rendered by any of the acidic beverages and foods would be of drinking copious amounts of water as water is basically alkaline in nature.

3. Mild exercises

The stress inducing levels do affect the severity of the existent Rosacea condition. It is therefore recommendable for the people who suffer with this skin disease to abstain from performing high intensity workouts. High intensity workouts tend to increment the amount of heat in the body and therefore aggravate the condition of Rosacea. If they are experiencing the obesity issue then they may go for the weight loss diet plans as an option to trim down the fat instead of hitting the gym. It is obvious for females to gain weight after menopause due to the reduction the levels of hormones that maintain the functionality of metabolic status at an optimal level.

4. Laser treatment

It is always better to opt for the aforementioned tips before it’s too late and Rosacea has reached an advanced stage. In the advanced stages of this unbearable skin condition, laser treatment is the only option left for the patients. Laser treatment makes use of high intensity pulsed light laser to cure rosacea. This holistic treatment belongs to the pricier category of treatments and the only catch that it bears is of inducing skin irritation into the treated skin region. The skin irritations that are induced by the heat of the pulsed light laser can be assuaged by application of a moisturizing cream

5. Sun screens

The usage of sunscreen creams to alleviate the symptoms of skin irritation in people who suffer with Rosacea condition is perfect. A sunscreen whose SPF level is 15 would suffice the cause of protecting the skin effectually. Sunscreen lotions and creams are supposed to be applied in the winter seasons too. The desired level of SPF of a cream required for alleviating the symptoms of Rosacea skin condition may vary from one region to another as the magnitude and angulation of sun’s rays varies from one region to another. Many people tend to ignore the usage of sunscreens in the winter as they notice very less amounts of sun’s rays around them.

6. Winter Care

Apart from the use of the winter creams, it is also important for a person who suffers with a Rosacea condition to wear a scarf or a face mask most of the time so that the skin can be protected from the chillness of the temperatures. The low end temperature can be a major flaring up factor in the Rosacea skin disease. If you purchase a moisturizing soap for the winters the make sure that it is free of alcohol and is mild. At times it is the harshness of the chemicals used in the commercial health care products range that may aggravate this skin condition. Avoid long and hot showers; they may render your skin dry. A brief shower of approx. 5-10 minutes with lukewarm water is enough.

All of the latest cures that have been revealed by the studies of the researchers are based on one major fact that if oxygen is proportionately combined with hydrogen at all times then the body’s pH stays maintained at an optimal level of alkalinity.  Our body possesses the potential of healing itself when it is maintained at optimal pH levels. So, if you are able to maintain the pH levels of the body at optimal levels by opting for any or all of the aforementioned tips to cure Rosacea skin you can be sure of almost nullifying the presence of this unbearable skin condition and gain your self-confidence back