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I have a 3 year old boy who has junior polops what are they
and what causes them and how do we get rid of them, are they
dangerous if left untreated???


Polyps are growths that arise from the lining of the intestine. They are called juvenile because they are common in children. They can be found in the large intestine, the small intestine and the stomach. They are bright red. Those polyps that cause symptoms like bleeding are situated in the rectum but may as well prolapse outside the anus.
Juvenile polyps are usually solitary ( 1-4 polyps) and they are harmless and benign. If there are more than 5, they are called multiple. If polyps are multiple and if they are hereditary, there is a 10% chance that they will turn into cancer if not removed.
What did the doctor tell you about your son’s polyps? Did he suggest removal? Did they say where they are situated?
Polyps that are removed won’t probably reoccur but there are chances that new ones will arise, so regular surveillance is needed.

They can be removed by both polypectomy and surgery. Polypectomy is done during colonoscopy when a polyp is cut out and sent to laboratory for examination to see if there were any abnormal cells. The only possible complication is a risk of perforation that could cause bleeding, which is usually stopped by itself.

Surgery is recommended only when a polyp is way too big, has no stalk and already contains abnormal cells.