I have a very irregular period, so last week i began spotting and thought okay my periods about to begin but its now been a week and nothing has changed. Its very light brownish pinkish blood, its not a lot to the point where i  need to wear a pad. My nipples have also been extremely sensitive to the touch that it hurts and today i’ve felt nauseous all day. My fiance and I had sex maybe 2 1/2 - 3 weeks ago and it was protective. So im not sure if im pregnant.


I also know from the past when i become very physically active it kick starts my period and ive been at my new job for 2weeks and its been very physically demanding. And because of the winter my nipples become dry so i dont know if that could be why theyre very sore to the touch. 

But ive never had a period so light before. Ive googled and it all sounds like implantation bleeding