Let me get straight to the point. Me and my boyfriend are very sexual but we was recently using condoms. My cycle normally last for about 28-30 days. I was expecting my period to come on that Wednesday, which was Day 29. I didnt recieve my period that day but on that Saturday , Day 32 , I had a quarter size spot of blood. I thought my cycle started that day but afterwards I didnt get anything! So now im 17 days late and for the past 17 days there hasnt been any spotting but every once in a while I'd have white discharges (no smells or itching). I haven't been having many signs of pregnancy other than being sleepy all the time, eating more, and I have been more emotional (and mean) than normal. I did take a pregnancy test today, I took a Clearblue digital test, it said I wasn't pregnant. Which I can understand since we did use a condom. My period has been late before but NEVER this late so I'm not understanding whats going on with my body. I need help to know what the bleeding I had was , what you guys think may be going on, and if anyone has had related experiences; what was your end results? I'd really like to hope that I may be pregnant, even though my chances are slim. Any advice would be appreciated though. Thanks for reading!