I recently visited my local Gum clinic for a check up 5 weeks after an incident with a sex worker. Sex was protected but oral sex was not. During the visit a swab and a urine sample was taken. The initial result of the swan test confirmed I had NSU but the doctor said it was a very mild infection for which I was then treated with a weeks course of doxycycline. Two weeks later the tests came back negitive for both chlamydia and gonnoreah. Then approximately 1 week after taking the treatment I went back to check it was gone and all swab and urine tests came back negative. Then 1 week after this I repeated the tests again but could only hold my urine for 1 hour and these tests came back negative. Then again one week later I came back and held my urine for three hoursbut this time they would only do a swab for NSU and a water sample for a UTI but these also came back negative. I am now having symptoms again of slightly burning urination mostly at night and in the morning and an itchy feeling in the uretha that sometimes wakes me up. What are the odds that these tests are false negatives and I actually do have an STD?