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Hi.. I am 24 years old, have a dextro scoliosis of the upper right vertebra. The first time i seek for treatment, it was 5 years ago, and my curvature was at 29degrees by then. but during a chiropractic therapy, it lessened the curvature, maintaining it to 24 degrees. I have been undergoing my therapy for almost 6 years now, and i am getting tired of the medicines, and the treatment procedures. But i don't know when to stop.. and another question.. if i get married, and got pregnant, will it affect my pregnancy?
3 years ago, i was diagnosed with an MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse)., and lately, i am having severe (occassional) pain on my sternum, are they associated with my scoliosis?
please i need a professional advise for this.. thank you


I know depending on the severity it can affect it. Also, I dont know exactly what all characteristics you may have but my sister has scoliosis - as do I. She also has a MVP and those were two of the key characteristics of a condition known as Marfan Syndrome. There is another condition similar to Marfan Syndrome. It could be possible you just happen to have those two [scoliosis & MVP] but you could also be affected by Marfan syndrome or another classification. It could be something to look into. It affects the sternum, heart, connective tissues etc. People affected are generally - but not always - a small frame and tall. can shed a better light - and also have answers to the question you asked about how it can affect certain life decisions. - it may not have anything to do with it but marfans is a treatable- but not curable - condition which should be monitored.

[I have had scoliosis and so far normal, a moderate degree of curvature but its not noticable, also besides sitting and standing a while and certain activities; im okay. besides the normal ache feeling.]

hope I helped.