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I quit smoking cigarettes, about a pack a day, April 12, 2011. I tried cheating in July of the same year, and haven't had any since. I'm still using a Nicotrol inhaler system, a NRT. I miss smoking every day like it was my best buddy. I do not feel any better psychologically and the only physical benefit I see is I can walk a little farther and not be out of breath. I'm always in pain and always craving. I'm wondering if this is really worth a few more years, as I am in pain all the time, skeletal, joint, and muscles. I am a 52 year old post-menopausal woman who is carrying too much weight. I've lost some of what I gained when I quit, but the oral fixation remains. I do not think I will ever feel good again, I guess my breath and clothes don't stink, but MAN do I still want to smoke.


From what I have read so far, as long as we are using the nrt, we will want cigs. Try stepping down your dose of nicotine over a month or two, whatever works for you. I could never think right when I tried to stop cold turkey. I am using the 14mg patch and I feel ok. I don't have the strong desire to rip anyone's head off to get to a I am hoping to start the 7mg patch next week after only a week of 14mg. The 21 mg burned and itched, so that was too strong for me even though I smoked a pack a day. This 14mg patch is starting to itch after only 7 days. I know I am the newbie, but if some people would listen to their own body, I believe this process would go much better. The package on these nrt systems are not always correct for everyone.