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I'm writing this hopefully to be able to help someone out there sufferung these symptoms. In feb 09 I fell sick. I had flu like symptoms with no fever or cough. Nausea was incredible. After 2 months, 12 dr visits and 5 ER visits I was finally referred to a GI doctor who did a hida scan. It showed functioning at 25 percent. All other tests were negative. Cat scans, MRI'S, blood work, x rays, tons of urine samples. All negative. I suffered and my family suffered. The nausea was constant and I couldn't take care of my kids. The pain between shoulder blades was like a knife. I finally had my gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago and am feeling better. Do not give up if you are going through this. Dr's told me I had a viral infection 6 times. We know our bodies and we know when something is wrong. Be persistant. They will find it but sometimes we have to do research on our own.

I now have developed panic disorder due to the trama of the whole ordeal. Please be persistant and change doctors if you have to! This whole thing has changed my life.

I am better now, symptoms of nausea, fatigue and shoulder pain is gone. It was worth the effort and persistance I demanded on these dr's. Good luck and God bless each of you


Thank you for your hopeful message. It is so important that people not be satisfied with no answer and continued suffering. Doctors are human too. They are highly trained, but they can make mistakes. They can also be overloaded, too busy or preoccupied with their own life issues. All of these things would impact their ability to perform their duties at a high level. When you don't get answers, as you said, keep asking and keep looking until you are satisfied and have workable solutions to your problem. Thanks again for sharing your experiences.