I have been having stomach cramps for roughly 2 years.
It is upper middle cramps sometimes going through to my back when I have it bad. I get it nearly everyday and it seems to worsen at night after dinner. I also suffer from heartburn. Sometimes it gets so bad I have landed up in the ER having to have a drip of Buscopan, Nexium and painkillers combined. I have been checked for: Pancreas, gallbladder, gallstones and ulcer.

They have also done a CT scan, MRI, Gastroscopy (twice) colonoscopy, even a brain scan to see if it referred pain and sonars. They have found nothing other than an elevated pancreas count (once and never again) through blood tests. I take Nexium and Trepoline daily now but I still get the cramps but not as severe...

Any other ideas what this could be? I am allergic to wheat and already avoid that.

I am a 29 year old female who is active but I do suffer from stress.