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2009 took pain pill for migraine had worst stomach pain for 2 hours.  The pain radiated to my kidneys.  Thought it was the pain pill then

2010 ate guacamole and 2 hrs later had the same excruciating stomach pain again.  It lasted for 4 full hours.  Did not know at the time it was from the guacamole until I had the guacamole a couple of months later and the same pain.  It is horrible.  I can't sit, stand,  lay down, nothing.  

2011 ate avacado accidentally and it happened again.  

2012 it stated happening more frequently, it happened twice with pears,once with banana, It then happened with over easy egg, bacon, dry wheat toast so not sure what culprit was there.  Then it happened with turkey bacon, egg, and dry wheat toast.  I have had ultra sound, X-ray, ct scan and now going to GI Dr.  I just dont understand how eating something that isn't greasy or bad for you can cause so much pain.  It is worse than gall bladder pain or anything I have ever felt.  The shortest it lasts is 2 hours but has went over 4 hours on avocado.  The pain startes in upper middle of stomach and radiates around to my kidneys.  It happened tonight after a pear.  I took a shower and the hot water seemed to help a little.  I then tried heat pad but you can only keep that on your stomach so long.  It was the only relief I have ever gotten.  It is like whatever it is has to run it's cycle.  Then I will go months with nothing, then it will show up again at the worse time and hurt like all get out for 2-4 hours.  The pain from the pears is about 1/2 as bad as the avacado.  Melons such as honey dew or cantalope also hurt my stomach.  Cashews hurt it as well.  I am going crazy trying to figure out what the heck this is.  Any advise? 


Old post but you sound like me and for me it is my pancreas that is messed up. The extreme pain can come from eating too much fat or protein. Almost the exact same pain can be caused by an allergy to bananas, avocado, kiwi, a few more fruits. It is common to also be allergic to latex. So allergy tests and get your pancreas checked out. It took me 3 years and 8 fired doctors before somebody even looked at my pancreas. Good luck and I hope at this time you are well.