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I have a big lump at the top of my stomach, inside. It hurts and it feels like its getting bigger! do u kno what it could b?


Did you notice more pain and swelling when you are coughing or laughing? It sounds like hernia in which an organ protrudes into the surrounding tissue or muscle. It is usually a bowel that protrudes. It causes a lump-like formation that feels as if you could bring it back into its position. Even if you manage to get it back into place, it will become visible again soon after.

It could also be some kind of cyst or a fibroma. Fibromas are nonmalignant tumors of connective tissue. They could be growing fast.

Malignant tumor are usually not painful and don’t grow very quickly. However, it is essential that you see a doc in order to find out what it is and see your options and necessity of removal.