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I have a large, bump like sore on the back of my tongue and it hurts. It feels like it is hard for me to swallow. Do u have any idea on what i could be and how to help it?


There are several conditions that can cause or have a form of bump on tongue. One of the conditions is called fibroma, which is a bump that represents fibrous connective tissue. It can appear after biting your tongue. It can be removed at the doctor’s office.

Another cause may be canker sores. You didn’t describe us your bump! Can you see it at all? Canker sores are white in the center and look like ulcers. How long has your bump been there? There are two forms of canker sores, simplex and complex. The first one comes occasionally and goes on its own but the others are just like the name say-complex and they appear one after another. They can be caused by certain foods.

You can’t know for sure what it is until you visit a dentist. They can help you diagnose, remove or treat and examine the bump.