Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. on December 1st, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex but he had pulled out. Still, I was very scared because I had a feeling my period was supposed to come since it didn't come the month before (its super irregular. Some months it comes, some times it doesn't) well, it didn't come until 3 days later. Then I thought I was safe. For awhile though, I could not eat. It has happened to me before that I could not eat. My stomach is hungry but I can't get myself to intake any food without wanting to throw it back up. Along with that, my back had been hurting since November. I was really stressed out because I began to worry I was pregnant. 2 more weeks passed and so I decided to take a test. Thankfully, the test came back negative. And a couple days before that, I was able to eat again. now, I feel back pain still and it feels as if it what's increased. It aches between my shoulder blades and right above my gluteus Maximus. Also, when I push onto my stomach, I feel slight pain and I can feel it pulsating. I'm wondering if maybe it could be aorta aneurysm? I'm not tired more than usual and I don't eat more than I usually did. I just feel scared and I need reassurance. Nothing else seems out of the norm besides this back pain and a slight ballooning of my stomach but not so much.