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Okay. This has been happening for four years and it isn't doing me any good at all haha. Started with small abdominal pain and vomiting every couple of days, now can hardly eat any food or drink anything at all. I feel weak all the time because I'm not really getting anything in my diet (my body doesn't want meat anymore, vegatables) I can basically only have pasta, noodles, toast and cornflakes. It doesn't like me drinking anything besides slushies and deals with me drinking coke and pepsi but burns, everything else makes me feel sick or be sick. I still put on weight and roughly gaining a pound a month (slightly overweight at the moment)

So far I've had lots of blood and urine tests which are normal, had an ultrasound on my abdomen and nothing was there and also had the camera in my stomach and found a small lump, besides that it's harmless.

I've been given heartburn tablets, migrane tablets and more recently two different types of IBS tablets but everything is either staying the same or getting worse (like now, every time I have a drink or eat on mebeverine my stomach starts making loud noise and getting lower back and stomach pain as well as still being sick.

Please someone know a way to fix this, I keep thinking about when I wont be able to eat and drink the stuff I can and that is really starting to scare me.


I understand your pain fully and also being scared about not really being able to eat "good food" Like stuff you really want to eat. i been dealing with something similar for about 6 months now. I going to be checked out soon. With the pain that your talking about going from stomach to lower back. Have they checked for that could be something Gallbladder related. Something that I found that I could eat without feeling sick is RITZ crackers. Well the first few times it will make you feel sick but once you try them a few times you will be able to tolerate them (well thats in my case) It sucks but I mean if you can eat it than thats good. Just try not to eat them all to much because crackers can bind you up and back you up and cause severe constipation and trust me you do not want that issue on top of all of these. I learned the hard way lol. Well the most I could think of is trying a stomach spasm medication that might help with getting sick or slight pains. Its called dicyclomine or something along those lines or just call it Bental. It helped me a lot at first bt now my symptoms changed so I have different meds I am taking currently. I hope this helped somewhat. I dont check this website much but if you want to talk to someone about this kind of stuff that understands facebook me. Michael Hughes. You should see my picture that I have on here. I hope this helped a little but I hope all is well soon.