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I've been feeling mild to moderate pain in my lower left abdomen for the past couple of months. Went to the doctor and was told I have IBS.

Over the past couple of weeks I've had this random fluttering in different spots of my abdomen. I have gained some weight lately and feel somewhat bloated. My periods have been normal, pregnancy tests are negative. Had two doctor appointments they checked my abdomen and had two vaginal exams but still no clear answer. I find that if I don't eat at exactly the right time, I feel nauseous. However, when I do eat, I feel full right away. 

Please answer only if you have had similar situations and/or have a serious answer.



you didn't mention how old you are - that might make a difference in determining the cause of your problems. Irritable bowel diagnosis does explain bloating, however there are several other stomach-related conditions that can cause the same symptoms. Have you visited gastroenterologist? It seems strange to me they didn't look into the possibility you might have Helicobacter Pylori - it's a simple test that detects the presence of this bacteria in your breath.

I'm mentioning it because I went through the H. Pylori treatment (antibiotics combined with antacids), but before that I had symptoms similar to yours, mainly the nausea if I ate at the evening or nausea caused by certain foods. Similar symptoms are caused by gastritis, a chronic inflammation of your stomach lining. Either way, I'd advise you to try to see a gastroenterologist and get a second opinion.