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I have sudden and random pain spasms any where and any time. They range from minor to so bad they leave red marks like a rash where the spasm hurt. And I dont do anything in paticular that seems to cuase them and I'm a healthy active person, and havent taken any medication recently or had any vacines or shots. I just want to know if it happens to anyone or if there might be a problem.

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Trisha I think I may have something similar to what you have. I also have random and sudden pain spasms through out my body. I am have not gotten a reason for them yet; although I would really would like one. Most people when I explain it they think I am just talking about having bad muscle spasms but they are not. It almost like its the nerve or the bone having the spasm. I am a rather healthy person and take no medication. If any one has a clue or even just an idea I would like to know.