I am 24 years old, healthy, and active girl. For the last 5 months I have not had a solid bowel movement. I wasn't alarmed at first I thought I just ate something bad but when it continued I started being worried. Then I noticed that sometimes I would pass just mucus. Or my stools would have strands of mucus in them. In the morning, when I use the bathroom, it is always just mucus (clear or yellowish in color).  I do have some stomach cramping and bloating particularly pain on my lower left side. But it is nothing unbearable or even all the time. Sorry for the vivid details. I have had a blood test ( for celiac and other stuff), a stool sample test for infections and parasite. I also just had a colonoscopy. Everything has come back normal. We are waiting on biopsies from the colonoscopy but I am pretty sure they will come back normal as well. My doctor believes that I took an antibiotic a few months ago and this triggered IBS. I think that is bull sh*t. Anyone have any ideas?