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I used to me a str8 A student but then sumink stragic happened in my life, divorce. It happeneds to most of us but it this tym it hit me pretty hard, my grades went down, started self harmin cse i was gettin bullied cse i was different, and it got too outa hand. I tried everything to stop it, ran away, picked fits wiht people, didnt listen in lessons, failed exams, failed to hand in homework on time, missed lessons. most people think divorce and bullyin dnt mean much to people well it does, im 16 now and ive been bullied since i was 4, its a long tym when ur used to it. but i didnt get used to it so I got my mum and gran to pull me outta school cse it got too hard for me. But its nt worth doin ne thing to yourself I just found it alot easier to manage, but rly it was even harder to manage everything. half the time i was that annoyed at myself i used to yell and scream at my boyfriend or blame everyone but myself for lettin it get to me. i know its stupid but i dnt know what else to do so i left a "new topic" on here so you guys can comment back to help me get threw this.

Thanx for reading this xx


hey cassiiee,dont put yorself down missy,you get the socks pulled up turn to those that bullied you say to them this is what im gona do,im gona get myself the grades i need and im gona make something with my life,do you bully people yourself?is that a no?then already your ahead of them in the rest of life stakes,now i dont know if you do drugs or alcohol and im not one to preach to you,having a son and two daughters of my own here in uk growing up with guns and knife crime in london,thankfuly here in WALES and our area things are a little better than the capital,but why do those drugs,Lord knows its ok to take some alcohol,didnt Jesus take wine with his "posse"but drugs never got a lookin at that gig!
im divorced from the mother of "our"children,but we both understand that we are both responsible for the children they are that OUR CHILDREN,we are still good friends,we still talk to each other in a civil way,ask your parents if,for their sake,they can still talk to each other,take any bros or sisters to your parents,sit and chat,some might hurt to hear things from them both,but try to look at their situations,jobs,bills,income all take a lot of understanding,as a family,what im try to say is dont look back and say i wish i`d have done that or this,in 10 years time.Put it to one side the way you feel,do you belive you can get what you want from life by pulling up your socks.....i dont know you but i belive that you have that motivation to do better for yourself,get them grades you need turn to those who bullied you saying look here i am,educated,earning,being me,go for it,good luck to you,keep in touch with this part of the uk.


Oh, hon, I'm so sorry you're in so much pain. You're right, many people don't understand the effects divorce and bullying can have on a person, but we're all different and these events can be devastating.

I hope you can find a positive way to grieve. Perhaps letting your grades slip, getting into fights, running away, etc. will make a comeback from the grief more difficult. Take advantage of the positive things in life, whatever they may be. When I was grieving after the death of my brother, I didn't deprive myself of something that would relieve much of the stress, such as skipping a class (at college) when work got to be too much; buying dinner at a nice restaurant and treating a friend; going to a party and having a good time; doing yoga or meditation; and going to a support group. These all helped me to cope.

Of course, I did break down at times. I yelled at my boyfriend. I almost packed up all my stuff and hopped on a plane to go back home, the stress and grief got to be so bad. It's normal to want to suddenly escape from the pain. If you do feel like it's all coming down on you and you can't carry it anymore, find something to help you cope. What helps you in life? Are you an artistic person, so needlepoint, doodling, poetry, etc. work for you? Do you like to play a certain game? Don't underestimate the small things in life, because by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.

I urge you to seek some type of counseling. This is not a weakness. I've received counseling several times in my life and I consider getting friendly help from a counselor I have grown to love and whose advice I appreciate has helped me become stronger. If you feel that this just won't help (some people are against counseling because it doesn't work for them), perhaps seek out a divorce support group or connect with a friend who's willing to listen. If you don't have one in mind right now, I offer myself. I understand the need to get a lot out and to talk about something painful in life for a long time. I'm just a stranger so the offer might be odd, but I just wanted to put myself out there. :-)

Also, if you have not talked with your parents, I suggest you do so. I'm sure the divorce is also hard on them and seeing the effects their divorce has on you is probably pretty painful. If you can grieve together, perhaps you can all help each other.

I hope things get better for you soon.