has anyone else experienced a weird feeling in head- i have suffered from anxiety since about 18 im now 30,

same old anxiety i always think something is wrong, always worrying about something ,heart rate, head aches i think its a brain tumour.

I am seeing a ENT specialist next week as i have sinus troubles, i have been diagnosed as having tension head aches and mirgaines etc.

im taking sandomigrain for head aches.

but lately i have felt a strange feeling in head its hard to describe to people and obviously the more i think/ worry about it the worse it seems/is- i hate walkig in to BIG shopping centres and some times it feels as though im slighlty dizzy and legs feel weak- the joys of anxiety- i know my head aches wouldnt be a tumour lol as i had a brain scan 3 years ago and turned out i bad bad sinatitus.


i have had these feelings before but i still tend to worry, currently taking no medication in regards to anxiety, i had a overactive thyroid so im taking Carbimazole, micardis for elevated blood presssure (Histroy of it) migrain tablets and thats about it lol.


let me know your throughts if anyone has experienced similer thing, just not feeling right in head and head aches .


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