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my daughter has had strep throat about 4 times this yr this time with fever that not even mortin would help! Please give me some advice she is on antibitics she's on omnicef>


Different docs treat it differently. One doc rx'd my son Omnicef, another said you have to have a much higher dose than that to be effective against strep. It isn't usually the best antiobitic for this in my experience (2 kids w/chronic strep, chronic strep myself.) We had ok luck w/Cefzil - same class as omnicef but different for some reason. We would always have to extend it to 14 days instead of 10. Ery-ped may be a better choice, and easier on the body if taken frequently.

My doc is aggressive w/my boys' strep because I have autoimmune problems associated w/it. He keeps them on ery-ped (an erythromycin milder on the stomach especially slightly-harder-to-find) banana flavored or simply pills for at least two weeks, and if it crops up again shortly after, then for months at a time until antibodies go down. They have a high risk of autoimmunity to strep which warrants that aggressive treatment - but I don't know if your daughter does. Overuse of antibiotics is a big concern.