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Hi all,

I have had bronchial asthma when I was younger, though no symptoms have been present for some time now. But I understand asthma is a complex condition, so with my education in psychology I am doing a study to add to research in this field.

The research is an online survey looking at the relationship between stress and asthma. It is not a medical study, and I will not profit in any way from people participating. It is designed to understand how people with asthma attacks can be supported better.

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Also please feel free to use this discussion to post your own thoughts and feelings about how an attack can cause stress reactions, or how stress affects your asthma.




When I was 13, i accidentally inhaled some goldbond foot powder. Big mistake. It started my asthma up again, I have had asthma attacks before when I was 7. I couldn't exercise because I couldn't breathe. Oh yeah, and my doctor diagnosed me with exercise-induced asthma. I had to deal with it for years. I couldn't even live without my inhaler. And sometimes I forgot to bring it. Not a good idea one day when I was 16 (i'm 17 now) when I was out biking and I arrived at the library. I had a little trouble breathing, but sometimes if I waited it out it would go away and I could breathe. But it only got worse. I left my laptop at the library figuring it would only take a second to go back home and get my inhaler. But I got home and I didn't have my keys. The doors were locked, couldn't get inside through the windows. I was freaking out which didn't really help at all, in fact it made it harder to breathe. So I had to ride back up the hill (not a fun thing when you can't breathe) and go to the hospital. I finally arrived at the hospital gasping for air. I though I was going to die the whole time. so they put me in the ER and they gave me some abuterol. After I recovered I could breath, but the nurses wouldn't let me leave without my dad. And I had to wait a long time until he finally decided to show up.

It sucks having asthma, if you forget your stupid inhaler, you can die. It's not easy worrying about it all the time knowing that if you forget you could die.

But as I turned 17, it got much better as I found ways to control my asthma. One thing don't freak out, it only makes it worse. And just take a minute to calm breathe slowly even though it's kinda hard. And now I don't need my inhaler every day. I still use it sometimes, but when I was 16 I had to use my inhaler every day because I kept getting asthma attacks. It went on for a year. But now it doesn't get as bad as it was so I'm healthy (somewhat since I smoke weed and tobacco, and I am quitting so I can get back to my life)

I weightlift because It's manly, I ride my bike daily, I hang out with my friends all the time. I shoot my bow in my back yard. And If I would have done any of that just 1 year ago, I would be having asthma attacks all the freaking time.

It's good that my asthma is better now. I can finally wake up and not worry about my inhaler. I still bring it with me just in case.