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Hey everyone... I'm hoping someone can help me. I was recently (about 4 months back) "diagnosed" with Asthma by my GP... I have yet to go for Xrays and tests to confirm even though all the signs say I have it. I use an over the counter inhaler (Asthavent/it's blue) - I use it at least 3 times a day. The pharmacy assistants said this is bad and I should go and get my asthma properly diagnosed as this inhaler is for once a week use. Anyway.... I have yet to go to the doctor as mentioned... Today I am pretty sure I am having a serious asthma attack - my inhaler suddenly finished and I have no spares: - I'm wheezing - chest hurts - heaving and gasping for breath - I have a huge headache I took 2 Prednisone tablets, drank some hot water with honey and lemon and even rubbed vicks on my chest. It helped for a tiny bit but I am still having issues breathing. Any suggestions on what to do? I can't get an inhaler or go to the doctor right now. I plan to finally go and see the doctor next week to get a proper inhaler and tests.


What are you eating & drinking on a daily?

You should cut out certain foods & especially Caffeine if you want to rid yourself of Asthma.

I would suggest go to the hospital now if it's that bad for a proper breathing treatment.Then after that you should do a daily routine of cutting certain things out your diet.I am not the best person to tell  you this so you should research.I would also say eat an apple a day because that helps a lot.

Best to get it bar code with the number 9 at the start , but if you can't find that than 4.