First off my situation is a little bit different. I've taken two HPT both came back positive. No spotting, no cramps, no back pain, no headaches, no elevated tiredness, no moodiness (well more than normal I'm a moody person to begin with). I am 2 1/2 weeks late on my period but here's the thing within the last 6 months I have found lumps in my breasts that have caused massive amount of pain(to the point of tears). Scared it took awhile for me to get up the courage to go get them checked out. Once I finally did they had grown and changed into more of large clustures of cysts. I am right now waiting to be approved for healthcare to go get an ultrasound on my breasts because the doctor said there was one she wanted to look at because it was off to the side away from the others. Now I haven't been back to get a blood test yet as I'm leaving out of town on business next week and won't be able to get in till after.

I have a daughter and do not feel anything like I did before and I found out earlier with her. Could it be that these cysts are throwing off the HPT?

And its not that I don't want any other kids but right now at this moment in time it's not a good time AT ALL. So please give me some hope.