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i was diagnosed with submandibular gland stones a few months back when I noticed my gland would swell up quite large during and after eating. Since then I haven't had any size changes in the gland, and it has only remained slightly larger than my other gland. I've never had any pain or trouble with it. Truthfully, I would hardly notice it right now if I hadn't known previously.

My concern is i'm scheduled to have it removed this upcoming monday, and I am beginning to have serious doubts about it. My physician warned it could become infected without removal, but I haven't had any size changes, or pain associated with it, so i'm debating putting it off. The only thing I notice about it is it is more firm than my other gland, but since I got it checked out a few months back it hasn't gotten bigger while eating at all.

Anyways, looking for advice as far as possibility of infection if it doesn't get removed, or anything really. Thanks.


If removal of the whole gland is recommended, rather than just individual stones, the doc must think there is a great potential for infection due to blockages in the future.

The long-term outcome depend on whether or not a chronic bacterial infection sets into the gland because of the obstruction. Stones that pass spontaneously will create little, if any, difficulty. If, however, stones injure the lining of the duct, then a narrowing of the duct can occur which prevents good salivary flow from the gland, causing additional stone formation or gland infection.

The swelling you have suggests blockages, so infection is a definate possibility, and an abscess will make you feel very unwell. even a complete blockage, without infection can cause intense pain when you salivate. (and your partial blockage could be increasing your mineral deposits)

Tell your Dr. your concerns though, at the very least he should tell you what the prognosis is with and without treatment. otherwise how can you make an informed decision.