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I had my gallbladder removed last year 2010. I'm 48 years old and have experience discomfort that moves from the site where my gallbladder was removed to by back and side. It feels lumpy at times. I have no severe pain, however little stinking pain from time to time. The discomfort is very miserable. I went to my medical doctor and she suggest me take colace tablets and Gas X. Help sometimes with short term relief, yet returns.



The main thing you need to continue to monitor after gallbladder removal is your diet which should be as free of fat as possible. The problem you are experiencing is that your liver is still producing the bile, but without gallbladder this bile goes straight to your stomach and then it causes pain, even more so when you don’t carefully watch what you eat. And there is also one other option, because your pain seems to be located at the place your gallbladder was, that there maybe be some stones left in the bile duct, if it wasn’t removed during the first surgery. You should talk about your doctor about all this in more detail.