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i eat a lot of sunflower seeds daily.i usually have a 1 serving bag a day, or a half of a 2.5 serving bag everyday. i usually have only original. i am worried that all the salt might be bad for me or my blood pressure? i just want to be reassured because i love my eating sunflower seeds :-D


Well you are probably aware that everything you consume in moderation is good but every overreacting can have some consequences. At least eating sunflower seeds is much better than like 100 other things. And because you are eating sunflower seeds every day then you are probably aware of its nutritional value, which is pretty high. But they are as well great source of unsaturated fatty acids and many vitamins and minerals. They contain three types of vitamins, B1,B5 and E, and magnesium and phosphorus. And because you are worried because of the salt you should know that there are packs of unsalted sunflower seeds. For sure they are not that tasty as the one you are consuming right now but they are better for your health and because 50 % of everything we do is habit you could try to switch to these ones without salt and your blood pressure is going to be just fine.