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I will attempt to be brief.

I was originally a casual user of opiates, anything from vicos to oxy.

I was young and aware of the concept of withdrawal when someone told me about methadone which apparently cured withdrawals. not wanting to even bother with withdrawals, i started taking methadone. little did i know.


for a while i took both opiates and methaodne and within a few weeks, i became completely dependent on methadone. the good news? i was off all the other opiates. the bad news? i did not discontinue methadone because it was readily available and it helped a lot. after a period of time, i decided to kick the drug...til i started reading about the horrors of how difficult it is to come off methadone. 

i DID attempt to withdraw. naturally, being the pansy that i am, after a few days i could not take it anymore and turned back to methadone til i could figure out a better method.

albeit bittersweet, this was the best decision i've made because it forced me to put my ...abstract method of work and so i figured out a sure-fire method to dump methadone, at least it worked for me and a couple of my friends who had the same issue. 

In short, with the use of benedryl, ketamine, vicodin, xanax/clonazepam, imodium, ibuprofen, valerian root, melatonin, marijuana and healthy diet filled with supplements, i was able to achieve the impossible with a total of about 3-4 days of actual withdrawals which were tolerable and allowed me to function at school and work. 

the idea was simple and ...backwards, really. it sounds ridiculous but the concept really revolves around you getting re-addicted to a simple, easy to withdraw opiate like vicodin. and i stress vicodin (hydrocodone) because of its short half life; the drug can exit your system at a fairly rapid pace. 

********DISCLAIMER: i am not a doctor************

i tapered methadone to 2.5mg. Afterwards, i stopped taking it entirely. i waited the 2-3 days for the withdrawals to kick in and at that point, i began my hydrocodone treatment. i took two to four 7.5mg vics daily (or in your case, whatever amount you feel is suitable for you, without exceeding a dangerous amount). I did this for approximately 21 days. throughout those 21 days, i made effort to try and take as little vicodin as possible. on occasion i would take either .25mg of xanax, benedryl or a bump of ketamine to help me sleep at night. and I smoked marijuana regularly as this also helped me relax. every night and ever since, to this day, i've been taking a valerian root supplement before bedtime because it's excellent for sleep.

after the 21 days, i stopped the vicodin. by that point, i was convinced most of the methadone has exited my system. within a couple of days, the textbook opiate withdrawals kicked in. and this is the grey area i was most concerned about as i did not know what to expect. i was treading uncharted waters.

DURING THE DAY, i took between 800-1600mg of ibuprofen (do not exceed 3200mg as this can be life threatening). I also took imodium, about 3-4 tablets daily. i did this for about a week, enduring about 3-4 of those days feeling pretty crappy. but afterwards it was smooth sailing. i began feeling like a million bucks.

DURING THE NIGHT, i alternated between xanax, benedryl, ketamine, and clonazepam to prevent dependence to any of the benzos. i did this for about 2 weeks after stopping vicodin. Again, i smoked marijuana regularly, along with valerian root and melatonin every evening, bananas helped too. 

again, the philosophy here was to adjust my body to a short acting opiate while the methadone worked its way out of my system. it's techinically like tricking your body and sure enough, it worked for me. i've been clean for well over a year now and could not be happier. for about 4 months following this "therapy", my hormones were all over the place and my body was a bit out of wack. but i stayed clean the whole time. at times, i would be emotionally overwhelmed but it was nothing that could be easily dealt with because i was aware that the worst was behind me and i had a new lease on life. 

i'll say this about myself. I am a 24 year old male. i believe the rest does not matter. i won't give you the details of my past drug habits and dosages as i don't want this to target certain individuals. if something worked for me, then there is something out there that will work for YOU. YOU CAN DO THIS. and i can't stress enough taking very careful measures to the way you choose to deal with your withdrawals. your health is your life, KNOW YOUR LIMITS. KNOW YOURSELF. and DO YOUR RESEARCH.

if you have any questions, i will happily do my best to answer them here. i would say good luck, but you won't need it. have faith in yourself. 


I have been trying to come off of methadone for the last five days the only thing I'm having is my ears are ringing and my body feels tingly what do you suggest.plusI have the diarrhea symptoms



I seen your coming off methadone and I have been doing same thing. I got down to 4mg and switched to suboxone very low dose 1-2 mg for 5 days then jumped off. This is my second day and have rls, anxiety, and pain but marijuana has helped as well as trazadone for sleep and occasionally neurontin for rls. Also taking vitamins. I'm not very far into it but hope this helps