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Hello, I'm curious if anyone has thought of a survival plan if you run out of insulin. I'm kinda thinking about a natural disaster like a bad hurricane hit or massive flooding and you are really out there with nothing. Or, maybe there just isn't any insulin available because of war (doomsday) or whatever. Has anyone really given this some thought and if so what have you come up with? I think this is an interesting topic and would love to hear about what you have to say. Even so, what about having no insulin for a week or so because you're trapped in cabin during a snow storm. Thanks.



Hello, I'm a type 2 diagnosed some 5 years ago and I have often thought about something major happening and running out of insulin. Gee, if it's for a short period of time say less than a week or so you could probably survive it considering that you had little food to eat (and ate small meals) but you would probably have to worry about hypos. Well that could easily be taken care of by some candies. Seems like I always have some form of candy around. On the short-term of things (say a week), I always take extra insulin with me so that wouldn't be a problem. If you had some insulin and gloom and doom came along you could probably use your fast-acting insulin in small does every hour or so to take care of your basal needs. Once that was gone, you could exercise as much as possible hopefully without wearing yourself out. This would be especially true if you pancreas is still making some insulin. Hopefully, you would have plenty of water to drink (that could be a problem if the water supply is contaminated. If you're stuck in an emergency shelter, you might be okay with water and possibly some medical help. In the case of mass destruction, I think we're all in trouble whether diabetic or not. I've heard that you can take alpha-lipoic acid, American ginseng, Coccinia indica, chromium and garlic to maintain low BG levels. You could make yourself this supplement and keep it on hand at all times. You could make quite a bit and that could last maybe 6 months to a year or so.