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I would like to know about how other people get out of hypos and how to stay level?  I have a tendency to have low blood sugars and I would like to know how other people get out of  a low.  I usually carry crackers and peanut butter with me, you know those little snack things that are like little cracker sandwiches?  I like those a lot and I eat those when I start feeling shaky.  I was wondering if I should eat something else because it takes a while before my shakiness goes away.  It kinda scares me a little thinking what if it isn't enough and my sugars go lower instead of higher.  What do you think I should eat?  What do other diabetics eat to raise their blood sugar?  Is something with a lot of sugar o.k. to eat?  I take insulin twice a day so I think that is why I am running into these sugar lows a lot more than usual.  Any advice will be great!  Thanks!


Hello Guest.  Your question is a very good one.  You sound like you need to have a something with more carbs if you are still having a difficult time getting out of a low blood sugar.  You may want to carry a small candy bar with you; it will have the quick release of carbs when it gets into your system that you need to get your sugar up.  You may want to try a small glass of orange juice as another option.  Since you are on insulin, the liklihood of your having a hyperglycemic episode is higher.  You don't want to eat too much carbohydrate to raise your sugar or you may have too much of an elevation.  Eat your small candy bar, wait 15 minutes, and see how you feel.  If you still feel shaky, you can eat another carbohydrate. 

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