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I have been reading up on green tea  and its effects on blood sugar and the studies have been promising as for as the effectiveness of it.  I really think I would like to try it out.  Has anyone else tried green tea to lower their blood sugars?  Did you drink it as a tea and if so how often? Or did you take it as a capsule?  I may try it both ways and see what happens.  I would like to swap green tea and metformin.  I am on metformin right now and I HATE the side effects.  I think since green tea is full of antioxidants it would be the best choice in lower blood sugar plus get the health benefits as well!


I do not blame you for wanting to try out something that is more natural and hopefully effective in addressing your blood glucose levels.  There are many supplements available on the market for weight loss and blood sugar metabolism.  If you are looking into taking green tea for your blood sugar regulation, then you may try it as a hot tea or capsule form.  It may have caffeine in it so if you have high blood pressure issues, you may have to watch that.  If you feel like your heart rate is rapid while on green tea, you should cut back on it or quit taking it.  It may be effective with weight loss since it would have stimulant properties. I haven’t seen much evidence of it treating high blood sugars.  I imagine you would have to drink a lot of tea to benefit from it no matter what it is used for.  It is a great antioxidant that has health benefits that protect the heart and blood vessels.  I hope it works for you.