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I'm a diabetic and have been for more than 7 years now. A friend of my recently told me about the health benefits of drinking tea. I know that tea is good for you but I wasn't aware that it could lower your blood sugar levels. I'm wondering if this is true. Is anyone out there familiar with this and can you explain to me how it works? I would really like to know. I'm afraid I've more than my share of sodas and beer and I think it's about time I drank something that was good for me. If I could learn more about tea and blood sugar levels, I just might start drinking tea.


I've been drinking all kinds of teas all my life. My great grandparents got me started. There are so many health benefits it's difficult to know where to start. But since this post is about diabetes, I'll direct my response to that. University research and clinical trials have put out an abundance of information on tea and particularly green tea. Tea in general is reported to stimulate pancreatic cells that make insulin. Having more insulin around will lower your blood sugar levels. Teas contain so many different molecules, however the health benefits are believed to come from the powerful antioxidants they contain. The powerful antioxidants responsible for many of the health benefits in tea are polyphenols. One of particular interest is epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG for short.


I swear by tea and particularly green tea. I believe it has kept my blood glucose levels normal and I'm approaching retirement. I don't always watch what I eat and I believe that green tea (other teas as well) have kept me on track. It keeps me level headed and alert and yet calm at the same time. You might consider drinking several cups of tea a day and monitor your blood glucose levels and see what happens. I believe you will be surprised.