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hey there, I just yesterday noticed while on the jon that the right side of my groin area is swollen and has slight pain if i push down on it in certain spots. I can somewhat trace the swollen-ness down to the base of my penis around the right side. When it is erect, There is pain at that part on the right side of the base of my penis.

Now I don't know if its coincidence or not, but right before (literally about a minute before I noticed that it was tender in those two spots) I found a Tick on my scrotum. It wasnt very big, and It couldnt have been there for more than 24 hours. Anyway I pulled it out, made sure it was all out (got the head and everything out) and then, well, to be honest I was going to masturbate. But once I was aroused, the pain at the base of my penis (on the right side) was very acute, but only when I pulled my foreskin away from me. Anyway, I know this is very graphic, but I am concerned at what this could be.

After looking around A little bit, I think it might be a swollen lymph node maybe from some kind of infection from that tick?...or just an allergic reaction (but I'm not really allergic to ticks) so I don't know what I should do. Thanks for replies in advance.


How do you know that you are not allergic to ticks? It is quite possible to develop a reaction to a tick’s secretion. Some of the general symptoms are fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, and fever while some people may develop some skin abnormalities like bumps with puss, nodules that may grow to be very big, and the skin may harden and elevate.

Remembering how sensitive testacies are anyway, I would see a doc if I were you and had this checked!

In order to make you see a doc I will tell you that ticks may cause many infections depending on a tic. Those people who don’t develop any infections but do experience symptoms like headaches, fever and nausea usually lose these symptoms within 24 to 36 hours after removing the tick.