Hi - I injured my left foot at the beginning of January and am now nearly 13 weeks post-surgery (three screws were placed). I was fortunate in that it was recognized as a lis franc's injury almost immediately and I have a fantastic surgeon at a world-class orthopedic clinic where I live. I truly think that made a big difference in my recovery and I know that I am very lucky in that regard. That was the silver lining in all of this!

I'm in my third week of physical therapy and everything is going really well, although I'm still walking with a slight limp. The one thing that surprises me is that my big toe gives me pain and is slower in coming along with flexibility. Also my ankle still swells. Exercises are helping the toe somewhat and my doctor suggested I wear compression hose on the leg that swells. Anyone else have a similar experience, and if so, what worked for you? Thanks and best of luck to everyone here. It's great to find a place where everyone knows what you're going through.