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Four weeks ago Friday I had surgery on three of my toes on my right foot.  They were the three middle toes.  Right after the surgery the nurses in post op thought that the toe closet to the pinkie did not look right. It was a different color than the other two operated toes. They were told by the surgion, who was heading home at the time, to rewrap the coban and make it looser.  Two weeks later at my check up everything looked good. He cut off the old wrapping and put coban on the three middle toes.  He told me to leave it on for two weeks.  I went home and five days later the toe beside my pinky starts bleeding.  It was night time so I stuck a bandaid on it the best I could and called the office in the morning.  The next morning I removed the bandaid to see how it was and to my horror my toenail comes right off.  I didn't bother to call the office I just went right in.  The doctor was in surgery so his nurse took the old dressing off, took pics of my toe for the doctor, and rewrapped it.  The nurse called me back in the office later that day and said that the doctor said I was having an allergic reaction to the cobain. Keep in mind that cobain had been on my toes and foot for three weeks with no other problems or allergies.  The nurse took off the cobain, put on gentian violet and wrapped it only in gauze.  They also started me on Keflex

My toe is gradually getting worse. It is seeping clear yellow fluid and a little blood. You can see a little ulcer forming.  I saw my Endocrinologist yesterday, he always checks my feet, before I could even saw anything about the surgery and the problems I have been having, he told me there is a circulation problem there.  He said it is not diabetic related but surgical. My numbers are really good and have been good.  He told me to go back to the surgion as soon as possible.  Since his office was only three buldings down from my Endo I went as soon as I was done.  This time the surgion looked at my toe himself. He said it looked fine, that there was good circulation and again said it was an allergic reaction to the cobain. 

I am scared of losing this toe. The surgion just wants to dismiss this as an allergic reaction when I (and my Endo) feel it is something more serious. I don't know what to do.  I was told to air it out instead of keeping gauze wrapped on it all the time.  Well tonight when I was airinig it out a piece of fuzz got stuck to it and when I pulled it off, my toe starts bleeding again. So now it is lightly wrapped with gauze.  Any advice would be very appreciated. 

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Also forgot to mention, I have Peroneal Neuropathy in my toes and feet. I do not have much feeling in them. I feel a little stinging but that is about it. I also have pictures that I have taken of my toes and the bad toe up close. The other two toes are healing fine and look great. Also forgot to mention that he put titanium rods in all three toes.