This happened to me two weeks ago and now its happening again. It starts off with a small bump around the edge of my lip and then it starts to hurt, and then my lip starts swelling. The first time this happened, i had the bump on the bottom corner of my lip for weeks, but ive never touched it. But it started to irritate me and i wanted to get rid of it so i tried to pop it and it started to get bigger and bigger. Before you know it, the bump was huge and filled with puss andy swollen lip went down i had to pop the bump and the scare went away. Now it happening again. The bump isnt red. Its brown, the color of my lips. But its my lip is swollen now, also the side of my tongue is swollen, last time I checked, I never had any allergies. I Just took a benedryl. Ice makes it worse. I need helppppppp??? Why does this keep happening??? What can i do to get rid of it.?? Thanks