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I've read many postings. I too am recently afflicted with a swollen clavicle. It's given me severe ear aches, armpit aches, numbness down the arm. According to my x-rays and MRI it's a result of 3 vertebrae pushing on nerves (C4-C6) plus a couple bone spurs which are essentially early forms of arthritis. I am on anti-inflammatories and go to physical therapy twice a week to build up my back and shoulder muscles and improve posture - to avoid surgery. Oh, I've also had two shots of steroids. Still, after nearly 4 months, my clavicle swells at the slightest exertion: carrying a suitcase, playing golf, lifting, leaning back - it's truly mentally exhausting. Cancer, Arthritis, what, no one can tell me. I am willing to do ANYTHING accept go under the knife - I am a wicked baby. Please post more info anyone. I am learning a lot and feel I am close to diagnosing myself accurately. Thank you. Any thoughts, I beg you to write.



Did you ever find out what was going on with your clavical? My left clavical has been swollen for about 6 motnhs and like you, any little exersion and it swells up even more and at times is very painful. I had a CT Scan but was told there was nothing wrong. It is frustrating. I rarely work out because it just gets worse.

I appreciate your thoughts.