well i recently did a back flip which coming down on i slipped and awoke several seconds later not remembering how it happened. Not remembering is not my problem. My clavicle is swollen. the emergency room doctor (on the day of my back flip) said that there wasn't anything broken...after about 4 days i went to my health center to see my regular doctor who then told me to just heat the shoulder up with a hot towel to get rid of the swelling...it has been about 2-3 weeks since the incident and i haven't seen any difference in swelling size. i don't think the swelling is going away. Can anyone tell me if this isn't just a normal little bump from a fall or if it is something serious.

p.s the day of my injury they took several x-rays including a cat scan but found nothing major. do tumors show up on x-rays or cat scans?