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I had glandular fever approximately 13 years ago (when I was 17), and since then the node is the bottom left side if my neck has went up and down. Doc said this is normal and it may be a 'reactive node'. Just now it is 'up', I can feel it clearly under the skin. I had some blood tests done last year as the same thing happened, but they all came back ok.

My thoat feels sore and hoarse, although the doctor chceked and cant see any physical signs of infection.

Now the doctor has discovered both of the glands above my collar bone (on each side) are swollen - altho I hadnt realized this myself.

I'm being referred for more blood tests and a scan, doc advised she is being 'over-cautious', but I feel so, so scared.

Can anyone help?


It sounds like you are getting great medical care. Over cautious is great! I think that you should work on finding ways to relax and not worry too much. You are doing all that you can do. The stress is not good for your condition. You are going to get answers soon and that will relieve your stress as well. Try not to worry about things that you can't control right now. It's wasted energy. I know that you will be feeling more relaxed soon. Best wishes. Please keep us up to date on your success.