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I’m 24 years old and I have big problems with my swollen glands.
I’ve noticed this change about for months ago and I wasn’t so worry at the beginning because I thought it would pass away by it self.
But my glands stayed swollen all this time, especially my lymph glands in chest, neck, armpits and groin region.
In generally I’m feeling great and do not have any other problems nor symptoms.
I was wondering could this be something serious because I know that gland swelling is never good?
Can anybody say what could cause these symptoms?


You’re right about swelling, it is never good but sometimes the cause is very trivial.
From a data you described, I can say only that it should be some systemic inflammation not local!
You should know that there are much possible reasons of swelling and I will mention some of them. First of all-it can be some systematic inflammation like hyperthyroidism or sarcoidosis.
Second possible cause can be cancer. Cancers usually cause generalized swelling of lymph glands because tumor cells are spreading through lymph vessels. Third reason can be inflammation of the lymph node by it self, condition called lymphadenitis.
Medications usually used for swollen glands are prednisolone, Medrol prednisone and Deltasone. Contact your doctor and schedule examination!