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I been with my boyfriend for over a year now. About three weeks ago we had sex, and hours later my left inner lip of my vagina began to swell. since then it somwtimes hurt, but remained swollen about the size of cell phone button.. .. it happened before but went down in two days, this time its been three weeks since it was swollen and it wouldnt go down...... whats should i do? this is very irratating.


Sometimes if a couple has sex for a long time or possibly rubbing the same spot can produce some swelling.
I know if my husband and i get way to crazy, i am sore and puffy the next day. :$
It generally goes away after a day or so. Also, if we get to rough, i do have some burning when i pee after.
I don't understand why the swelling remains for you now three weeks!
Back off on the sex for a little bit and see if that helps. Try soaking in a hot bath or use some hot compresses. If that doesn't work, you may want to consult your Doctor. Three weeks is a long time for the swelling to remain.


i am 18 years old and today my boyfriend and I had sex. this was not my first time.

a few hours later, i too experience swelling of the labia minora.

my swelling was much more drastic i believe than that mentioned in the original post. both my right and left sides have swollen and almost have a water balloon like texture, they appear liquid filled.
the left has swollen to about the size of the tip of my little finger, but the right has swollen to almost the size of my thumb!

i have had irritation before after too much sexual activity but nothing like this.

what is it and is it true the swelling will go away naturally?


Swelling is basically caused from friction, constant rubbing.
It probably doesn't bother you at the time because it feels good.
It's like a mosquito bite, it feels so good when your scratching it, but then it hurts when you stop.
No need to worry, it will go away by itself. If it bothers you, take a hot bath, or apply a hot compress.


bbfeet9 may be right, but I would recommend that you schedule a visit to your doctor or your medical clinic.

I would hate to assume that it was from one cause, and then latter discover that you needed treatment sooner.

I say, go get it checked out. And be prepared to tell the doctor/clinic person EVERYTHING you did... so that they are fully informed on possible causes, and how active you are being with your boyfriend.

Second, make sure your boyfriend knows about the pain and swollen condition that is getting worse after each session of sex with him. If you need treatment, it is likely that he will too. It would be better to alert him to the possibility now. He might just surprise you with some information that would make your treatment better or more urgent. Certainly, you should include him in this discussion.

PS: I hope that you two are using protection. If not condoms, then birth control of some form. Also, discuss with your doctor the possibility of an allergic reaction to something...laytex, lube, his sperm, lotion...anything!