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I fell out my back door and hit my jaw. I have a swollen area that is sensitive to touch and has a cyst thing in the same area. My doctor says it is a swollen lymph node but it is on the right side of my jaw bone not under the jaw. It has been one month, how long before the lymph node reduces and goes away? Is this normal?


There are a lot of lymph nodes on our head, so I think the doctor is right this time. Lymph nodes get swollen if you have some infection in the body. But they also tend to get swollen if you injure them physically, like in your case. Do you feel the pain if you are not touching the node?

I think that you won’t have any complications with this and the only thing you need to do is to rest. You could apply some ice just to ease the pain. If you have any cuts near the lymph node then it might be swollen because of the infection in the cut. Then you could try to speed the healing process with antibacterial cream.