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i started on the depot a month ago, have been with the same partner for almost a year now, have no diseases (gotten checked more then frequently) & can't figure out why out of no where my bikini line lymph node on the right side is so swollen & sore all of a sudden.. it worries me lots... please if someone has any suggestions on what it could be, please let me know...

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Hi there,

I am not really sure if this swelling has to do anything with the Depo, but it is definitely a lymph node swelling. And lymph nodes are swollen only if the infection is presented near the lymph nodes. In your case I guess that you are having some infection in your leg or maybe in your lower abdomen or in pubic area. These swelling of the lymph nodes might not be serious. However if the infection is gone so will the swelling.

It is important to find the underlying reason of the inflammation in the body. Then you can begin the treatment with the right medication. What size is the lump? Is it painful when you touch it?