I have had swollen lymph node under my chin on the right side for a year now. I went to my family doctor and she said that she is not worried about it. I do not recall being sick or having an infection. I also went to my ENT and he suggested a CAT scan just to ease my mind but said that he also wasn't concerned. The gland has not increased in size and when I push on it it, it is squishy. Here are my questions:

1. If it were lymphoma would I have other symptoms by now? It has been a year and I have no other symptoms.

2. Does lymphoma generally stay in just one lymph node or does it generally appear in several different nodes at the same time?

3. My doctor actually told me that sometimes a persons node will become enlarged and it will never go back down and that is what she thinks has happened to me although I do not recall ever having an illness that would have caused it to swell. Can this be true?

4. I do have a small cyst on my lower cheek on the same side, is it possible that this is related?

Sorry for so many questions but I do not seem to be getting far with the doctors. I am making an appointment this week with a different ENT to try to see what they say.