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My husband, off and on for a few months will get a sudden tingle feeling in his upper lip, and then it swells either on one side, both or the entire thing. WE assumed it was a bad tooth causing this, there was no tooth ache, or pain, but he DID have an absess. After his lip swelled up tonight, he then touched his penis, it began to swell, he touched his eye, after washing his hands, it began to swell.... WHAT IS GOING ON


He needs to quit touching his lip and then touching other parts of his body. It is concerning that he may have a herpes sore on his lips and he may be spreading the virus to his eyes (which could cause an ulceration and lead to blindness) and spreading it to his genitalia as well. Cold sores are a different strain of herpes but it can be spread to the eyes and genitalia very easily.  He should get to the doctor as soon as possible to prevent any further problems. Medicine for this issue can be prescribed and hopefully catch this in the bud.