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I have had swollen lymph nodes on the left side of my chest (under collar bone area) for years; occassionally a bumpy rash will appear but usually disappears within a few weeks. I also have a red blood spot on my abdomen that has been there for years as well; no others that I can find. I have just be sent to a Haemotologist but have no idea what may be the cause of this. Please give me some insight to what I may be dealing with. Thank you for your time.


Hi Misspjb,

Are you sure of the location of the lymph nodes? I have to ask this, because I know that there are lymph nodes on your head/neck, under your armpits and in groin area. Maybe I am mistaking this, but could this be something else? If you are noticing the rash on your abdomen, then this could be some allergic reaction. How old are you? Did you have any disease in the past? Sometimes this can be a side effect from medication, if you are using any now. Red blood spots could indicate some cardiac disorder. Is your blood pressure normal? When you get some test results you will have more information about this condition. However I don’t think that this is caused by lymph nodes.